Cervical Collar

Cervical Collar


● One piece design that provides easy and fast application

● MRI and X-Ray permeable HDPE material

● Wide chin support with soft foam pad

● Wide tracheal space for intubation, posterior ventilation opening

● Easy to clean


Cervical Collar is used to support the neck of the person after an accident or trauma. It is also administered by emergency personnel to those with traumatic head or neck injuries and is also used in the treatment of chronic medical conditions. It is designed to restrict the movement of the patient’s cervical spine. Thanks to its tracheal opening, it allows healthcare professionals to quickly perform carotid pulse examination and emergency tracheostomy.
The cervical collar is an emergency response product that stabilizes the patient’s cervical spine after the accident. Since the most sensitive areas of the patient are the neck area, it is very important to fix this part during the transfer of the patient.
Like other emergency response products, cervical collars should be easily accessible after an accident. Therefore, cervical collars can be kept in ambulances, hospitals, schools, government institutions, private institutions and organizations, construction sites and many other places.or intubation, posterior ventilation opening.


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